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Rhododendron decorum (aff.) Franchet subsp. decorum
Determined by: D. F. Chamberlain, Jun 2008 - requires flowers
Sichuan: Baiyu Xian. Gan-Bai Lu (road from Baiyu to Ganzi) then S on narrow side road off Ou Qu (Ou River) at Zhandu Xiang along branch of the Ou Qu in Ase Gou (Ase gorge). Quercus-Picea forest on slopes and rocky river bank with Salix, Populus, Sorbus and mixed shrubs. 31°5'50"N, 98°58'45"E; 3250 m.
Edge of river and on slope. Shrubs ca. 4 m tall; leaves abaxially light green, adaxially dark green; fruit green.
D. E. Boufford, B. Bartholomew, S. L. Kelley, R. H. Ree, H. Sun, L. L. Yue, D. C. Zhang, Y. H. Zhang & W. D. Zhu
37182 23 August 2006

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