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Parnassia kangdingensis T. C. Ku (or sp. nov.?)
Sichuan: Xiaojin Xian. Pass at Jiajin Shan on west side of province Road 210 on Xiaojin Xian side of ridge. Rocky alpine slopes and ridges; grazed by yaks. Vegetation of low herbs and colonies of dwarf (< 0.5 m tall) Rhododendron phaeochrysum and Rhododendron cephalanthum subsp. cephalanthum (no. 44285) and prostrate Salix flabellaris (no. 44279) around rocky ledges. 30°51'36"N, 102°40'53"E; 4130-4300 m.
In grassy areas, mostly in depressions, in moist, dark soil. Sepals green; petals white; ovary green.
David E. Boufford, Bruce Bartholomew, Julian F. Harber, Qin Li & Ji-Pei YUE
44278 30 July 2018

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