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Sichuan: Daocheng Xian. Between the town of Daocheng and the N side of Bowa Shan. Scrubby hillside with large and small leaved Rhododendron, Salix, Sorbus, Ribes, Lonicera, Spiraea and disturbed meadow (heavily grazed). 28°55'15"N, 100°17'4"E; 4100 m.
Meng Li, 9 June 2017. Shrub-like, 3-4 m tall; leaves dark green above, lighter on undersurface. Initially identified as Sorbus hupehensis S. K. Schneider.
D. E. Boufford, B. Bartholomew, W. Y. Chen, M. J. Donoghue, R. H. Ree, H. Sun & S. K. Wu
28320 5 July 1998

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