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Alangium chinense (Loureiro) Harms
Yunnan: Songming Xian. Vicinity of Longtan, ca. 59 km N of Kunming. Remnant forest of mixed deciduous, broadleaved evergreen and conifers. 25°28'0"N, 102°46'0"E; 2100 m.
Shrubs 3-4 m tall; immature fruit green, pendulous beneath leaves.
1984 Sino-Amer. Bot. Exped. (B. Bartholomew, D. E. Boufford, H. W. Li, C. G. Ma, D. H. Nicolson, T. S. Ying & S. W. Yu)
1364 27 July 1984
Copyright 1984 David E. Boufford   [Edit image]   [View original in new window]

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