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Mimulus tenellus Bunge var. nepalensis (Bentham) P. C. Tsoong ex H. P. Yang
Determined by: D. Y. Hong, 1995
Yunnan: Songming Xian. Ca. 48.5 km N of Kunming. Moist ravines and drier slopes with remnant broadleaved evergreen, Keteleeria, Pinus forest. 25°22'0"N, 102°45'0"E; 2100 m.
Flowers yellow. Originally identified as M. bodinieri Vaniot.
1984 Sino-Amer. Bot. Exped. (Bruce Bartholomew, David E. Boufford, Hsi-Wen LI, Cheng-Gong MA, Dan H. Nicolson, Tsun-Shen YING & Shao-Wen YU)
1399 28 July 1984

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