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Xizang (Tibet): Zuogong (Zogang) Xian. Dongda-La (pass), border of Mangkang (Markham) and Zogang xian on highway 318. Scree slopes, rocky vegetated slopes and adjacent level area at pass. 29°42'39"N, 98°0'9"E; 5100-5300 m.
Gregarious in grassy soil of alpine meadow. Pileus 8.5-11 mm diam, narrowly campanulate with inrolled margin; surface dry, slightly shiny, composed of appressed fibrils, light brownish orange (±dark golden). Lamellae ascending-adnate, upper portion pale orangish white, lower portion concolorous with pileus. Stipe 16-20 X 1.5-2 mm, central, terete, ±equal, hollow; surface dry, composed of appressed fibrils, whitish towards apex, concolorous with the pileus below and with dark brown streaks.
Brian A. Perry
BAP255 17 July 2000

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