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Xizang (Tibet): Mangkang (Markham) Xian. E of Dongda-La (pass) on highway 318, E of the town of Zogang on road to Mangkang (Markham). Seepages, dry steep slopes and level areas along river. 29°38'48"N, 98°8'1"E; 4300 m.
Solitary in grassy soil along alpine stream. Pileus 38 mm diam., ±concave, with a central umbonate depression; margin straight, uplifted, edges slightly curled away from pileus; surface dry, smooth, glabrous, slightly polished, disc dark brownish, margin brownish, fading to golden-brown. Lamellae ascending-adnate, many with a very small decurrent tooth, crowded with 1-2 series of lamellulae, occasionally once- or twice-forked, off-white, taking on brownish tones near pileus edge; edges concolorous. Stipe 33 X 5 (apex) X 10 (base) mm, central, compressed, with an enlarged base; surface ±moist, polished, smooth, glabrous, composed of visible fibrils; color a combination of dark brown, golden brown and grayish streaks. Odor indistinct.
Brian A. Perry
BAP257 18 July 2000

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