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Xizang (Tibet): Mangkang (Markham) Xian. E of Dongda-La (pass) on highway 318, E of the town of Zogang on road to Mangkang (Markham). Seepages, dry steep slopes and level areas along river. 29°38'48"N, 98°8'1"E; 4300 m.
Gregarious, solitary and subfasciculate in rocky soil of steep slope of alpine meadow. Pileus 13-25 mm diam., convex at first, expanding to broadly plano-convex, and finally plano-concave to ±infundibuliform, often developing irregular folds or splits; margin straight initially, tending to become inrolled in some expanded specimens; surface dry, slightly shiny, glabrous, smooth but developing pits with exposure; pale brownish, fading quickly to whitish, rarely developing grayish-black patches with moisture loss. Lamellae ±adnexed initially, becoming decurrent as the pileus expands, ±crowded to close with 2-3 series of lamellulae, moderately broad, whitish, taking on brownish tones near pileus margin; the edges initially concolorous, becoming brownish with age. Stipe 10-29 X 2.5-7 mm, central, terete to compressed. ±equal or subclavate, solid, becoming hollow with age; surface dry, smooth, glabrous, whitish; base without any visible tomentum. Odor sweet.
Brian A. Perry
BAP 258 18 July 2000

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