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Portulaca oleracea Linnaeus
Xizang (Tibet): Mangkang (Markham) Xian: Zhuka. N edge of the town of Zhuka along Lancang Jiang (Mekong River - Za Chu in Tibetan). Deep, dry gorge along river with sparse xerophytic shrubs and herbs; slopes steep, gravelly and with large boulders and outcropping ledges. 29°37'24"N, 98°21'13"E; 2670 m.
Open, stony soil. Petals yellow, but most plants appear to be developing fruit without flowering. Apparently not grazed by livestock, which are abundant in the area.
D. E. Boufford, J. H. Chen, S. L. Kelley, J. Li, R. H. Ree, H. Sun, J. P. Yue & Y. H. Zhang
31079 24 July 2004

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