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Aconogonon campanulatum (J. D. Hooker) H. Hara var. campanulatum
Xizang (Tibet): Jiangda (Gyamda) Xian. WSW of the city of Jiangda (Gyamda) along the Du Qu (Du River) and road (highway 317) to Changdu (Chamdo). Disturbed slopes and ledges along river. Vegetation a mixture of native weedy and non weedy plants. 31°26'54"N, 98°9'55"E; 3625 m.
On slope. Stems in clumps; flowers white.
D. E. Boufford, J. H. Chen, S. L. Kelley, J. Li, R. H. Ree, H. Sun, J. P. Yue & Y. H. Zhang
31215 29 July 2004

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