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Cortinarius collinitus cf. (Persoon) Fries
Sichuan: Xiangcheng Xian. Yibailingba Gou. Off road from Xiangcheng to Daocheng, ca. 20 km from Xiangcheng. Gorge with steep slopes running perpendicular to road and tributary of Suoqu He. Vegetation of large Pinus and Picea and mixed smaller, broadleaved deciduous trees of Acer, Prunus spp., Rhamnus, Sageretia, Syringa, Betula, etc. throughout and large trees of Populus along stream. 29°3'30"N, 99°57'23"E; 3238-3440 m.
On soil under trees dominated by Betula and Picea. Pileus planoconvex, yellowish brown, dark brown at center, strongly viscid when wet, margin slightly incurved when young, then applanate, with glutinous substance attached to stipe. Lamellae grayish with pink tinge, sinuate to decurrent. Stipe subcylindrical, covered with reflexed membranous, strap shaped squamules, lower part yellowish brown, upper part whitish, with glutinous, transparent coverings.
Zai-Wei GE
88 11 July 2004

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