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Salvia przewalskii Maximowicz var. glabrescens Stibal
Sichuan: Xiangcheng Xian. Sichuan-Yunnan border area. North side of Daxue Shan between Zhongdian and Xiangcheng. Mixed Abies-Larix-Picea-Juniperus forest with large Rhododendron and open talus slopes and meadows. 28°35'38"N, 99°50'49"E; 4100-4300 m.
Rosa and Berberis thicket and in Juniperus forest. Corolla pale blue with dark purple spots inside.
David E. Boufford, Bruce Bartholomew, Wenyun CHEN, Michael J. Donoghue, Richard H. Ree, Hang SUN & Sugong WU (S. K. WU)
29119 24 July 1998

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