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Sichuan: Luding Xian: Moxi. Gongga Shan, east side; downstream from Hailuo Guo Glacier; on N and S side of Bing He (Bing River; upstream portion of Moxi River) downstream from Camp Number 1. Mixed broadleaved deciduous forests with Betula, Cercidiphyllum, Tetracentron, mixed Lauraceae, Quercus, Acer, Lithocarpus, Carpinus, Decaisnea, Euptelea. 29°36'12"N, 102°4'24"E; 1780-2035 m.
White rot of dead hardwood. Fruit body very fragile, stipe, lamellae white, pileus surface with gray radially appressed fibrils, Spore print white.
David S. Hibbett & Zheng WANG
DSH97-075 17 August 1997

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