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Amanita umbrinolutea (aff.) (Gillet) Bataille
Sichuan: Daocheng Xian. Between Sandui and Litang, SW of Haizi Shan. River terraces and wet meadows with shrubs of Salix, Ribes, Potentilla, with juvenile Picea and Larix. 29°16'16"N, 100°4'56"E; 3980 m.
On ground in forest of Picea and Salix at 4000 m. Pileus 7 cm in diam, brown, disc dark brown, margin striate (R=1.2/3.5), at inner end of marginal striations with a dark colored zone. Lamellae free, grayish white. Stipe 12.5 x 0.8-1.3 cm, on whitish ground covered with gray squamules. Volva white, sometimes with rusty tinge. Context white, unchanging. Spore print white with grayish tinge. With slides and line drawings (conspecific with Z. L. Yang 1949).
Zhu-Liang YANG
1950 1 July 1998

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