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Oudemansiella hongoi (Dörfelt) Zhu L. Yang
Sichuan: Xiangcheng Xian. Sichuan-Yunnan border area. North side of Daxue Shan between Zhongdian and Xiangcheng. Mixed Abies-Larix-Picea-Juniperus forest with large Rhododendron and open talus slopes and meadows. 28°35'38"N, 99°50'49"E; 4100-4300 m.
On rotten wood among mosses in forest of Abies and Rhododendron; 4060 m. Pileus 3-5 cm in diam., convex to applanate, sometimes slightly umbonate, dry, first dark gray to blackish, then brown to pale brown, with whitish hairs, glabrescent. Stipe 6-11 x 0.3-0.7 cm, apical region white, lower part brown, with whitish hairs. Taste mild. With line drawing.
Zhu-Liang YANG
2415 24 July 1998

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