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Amanita hemibapha (Berkeley & Broome) Saccardo
Sichuan: Xiangcheng Xian. Reda Lincha upstream on Mayi River from the town of Reda. Cut over forests, overgrazed meadows and rock ledges with remnant patches of Quercus, Salix and mixed conifers along Mayi River. 29°8'31"N, 99°38'59"E; 3450-3500 m.
On ground under Salix, nearby there are Picea and Betula utilis, at 3550 m. Pileus 10-15 cm in diam., convex to applanate, umbonate, central part orange to red, becoming Chinese yellow towards striate margin (R=20/78, 10/56, 18/70). Lamellae free, whitish to yellow, edge yellow. Stipe 15-18 x 1.7-2.5 cm, attenuate upwards, Chinese yellow above annulus, yellowish, with yellow to ochraceous squamules or belts below annulus. Upper surface of annulus Chinese yellow, lower surface yellow. Volva 8-9 x 4.5-5 cm, outer surface white, without brown spots, inner surface white. With slides and line drawings.
Zhu-Liang YANG
2359 17 July 1998
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