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Pedicularis cranolopha Maximowicz var. longicornuta Prain
Sichuan: Yajiang Xian. Road (Highway 318) from Yajiang to Litang. SE-facing meadow with scattered dwarf shrubs, including Quercus, and Abies. 30°3'49"N, 100°46'16"E; 4150 m.
Meadow. Only a single plant found; corolla pale yellow, galea paler yellow with darker spot.
D. E. Boufford, B. Bartholomew, S. L. Kelley, R. H. Ree, H. Sun, J. P. Yue, L. L. Yue, D. C. Zhang & W. D. Zhu
35984 7 August 2006

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