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Boletus reticuloceps (M. Zang) Q. B. Wang & Y. J. Yao
Sichuan: Dg Xian. Road (highway 317) from Manigange to Ganzi (Garze). Scattered trees of Picea and Salix-Sibiraea thickets interspersed with small streams and rivulets. 31°48'23"N, 99°25'55"E; 3700-3800 m.
Pileus 16 cm in diam., convex, surface dry, rugose, more or less reticulate, dirty white or olive brownish, densely covered with minute furfuraceous brown to olive brown squamules. Hymenophore sinuate, depressed around apex of stipe, surface whitish, then green-yellow when mature, 1-2 pores/mm, round, surface of hymenophore unchanging when injured. Tubes white with greenish tinge, then green-yellow when mature, unchanging. Stipe 16 x 1.5-4 cm, slightly ventricose, olive brownish, covered with whitish, then brownish or grayish brown reticulations; reticulations of apical part of stipe often remaining whitish to grayish or gray. Context of pileus and stipe white, unchanging. Tomentum at base of stipe whitish.
Z. W. Ge
1324 18 August 2006

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