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Sichuan: Daocheng Xian. Road (highway 217) from Litang to Sandui, E side of Haizi Shan, NNE of Sandui. Boulder field near terminal moraine of Pleistocene glaciers at Haizi Shan; base of cliff and open areas along river, with Abies, Picea, Spiraea and Ribes. 29°16'49"N, 100°4'56"E; 4055 m.
Pileus 7-10 cm in diam., convex to applanate, brownish to brown, covered with dirty white volval remnants; margin with short striate. Lamellae free, white. Stipe 8-12 x 1-1.5 (2) cm, white, fibrillose to glabrous; bulb 2-3 x 1.5-2 cm, with volva in several rings. Annulus brownish above, whitish below. Context white, unchanging.
Zai-Wei GE
1460 27 August 2006

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