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Rhododendron ambiguum Hemsley
Determined by: D. F. Chamberlain, Mar 2009; Y. Y. Gen, 3 Mar 2009
Gansu: Wen Xian. Motianling Shan, Baishui Jiang Nature Reserve, W of the city of Wenxian, Qiujiaba, ravine along NW branch of Baima He. Mixed deciduous forest of Acer spp., Corylus thibetica, Prunus spp., Betula, Tilia, Tetracentron, Picea, Rhododendron (tree), Aria, occasional Picea and Pterocarya; with dense herbaceous groundcover. 32°55'21"N, 104°19'18"E; 2320-2725 m.
In open in stony-rocky soil and on open ledges and cliffs above stream. Shrubs 1 -1.5 m tall; just past peak of flowering; corolla yellow, without spots or with darker yellow spots. Intermixed with or near Rhododendron 37845, 37846, 37847.
David E. Boufford, with Yu JIA (bryophytes)
37848 22 May 2007
L-R back  3845, 37848, 37847, front 3846
L-R back 3845, 37848, 37847, front 3846
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