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Thalictrum xiaojinense W. T. Wang
Determined by: W. T. Wang, 2017, Guizhaia 37: 415-416. 2017. Holotype: PE; isotypes A, CAS, KUN
Sichuan: Xiaojin Xian. SE of the city of Xiaojin, on road to pass over Jiajin Shan. Moist, remnant Abies forest with Salix, Rosa, large (> 1 m tall) Rhododendron, Berberis; Sphagnum abundant. 30°52'28"N, 102°37'53"E; 3350-3400 m.
Mossy slope in shade. Plants to 1 m tall; petals creamy white; filaments creamy white; anthers yellow. Initially identified as Thalictrum leuconotum Franchet by W. T. Wang, 2008.
David E. Boufford, Kazumi FUJIKAWA, Susan L. Kelley, Richard H. Ree, Bo XU, Da-Cai ZHANG, Jian-Wen ZHANG, Ti-Cao ZHANG, Wei-Dong ZHU
38515 28 July 2007

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