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Stachys kouyangensis (Vaniot) Dunn var. franchetiana (H. Léveillé) C. Y. Wu
Sichuan: Rangtang (Zamtang) Xian. NW of the city of Rangtang (Zamtang) on road toward Sêrtar Xian along the Du-ke He ( Du-ke River). Meadows and shrub thickets along small stream flowing into the Du-ke He; thickets on slopes and open areas around outcropping ledges. 32°29'18"N, 100°45'53"E; 3050-3100 m.
On shrub covered slope, between shrubs in bare soil. Corolla mottled red.
D. E. Boufford, K. Fujikawa, S. L. Kelley, R. H. Ree, B. Xu, D. C. Zhang, J. W. Zhang, T. C. Zhang, W. D. Zhu
39025 5 August 2007

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