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Saussurea katochaete Maximowicz
Determined by: K. Fujikawa, February 2008; E. v. Raab-Straube, 30 January 2009
Sichuan: Rangtang (Zamtang) Xian. NW of the city of Rangtang (Zamtang) on road toward Sêrtar Xian along the Du-ke He ( Du-ke River). Meadows and shrub thickets along small stream flowing into the Du-ke He; thickets on slopes and open areas around outcropping ledges. 32°29'18"N, 100°45'53"E; 3050-3100 m.
Dry slope in meadow in hard packed soil. Most plants with unopened flowers; leaves abaxially white; involucral bracts green, apex purple; florets purple; anthers dark purple; stigma pink.
David E. Boufford, Kazumi FUJIKAWA, Susan L. Kelley, Richard H. Ree, Bo XU, Da-Cai ZHANG, Jian-Wen ZHANG, Ti-Cao ZHANG, Wei-Dong ZHU
39060 5 August 2007

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