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Ajania salicifolia (Mattfeld) Poljakov
Determined by: Yousheng Chen, 31 Dec 2008
Sichuan: Rangtang (Zamtang) Xian. E of the city of Rangtang (Zamtang) at Haizi Shan, on border with Aba and Maerkang Xian. Open, heavily grazed meadow with scattered shrubs (dwarf Salix, Rhododendron at lower elevations; Potentilla at higher elevations) and rocky slopes. 32°20'43"N, 101°24'55"E; 4250-4530 m.
Edge of scree slope. Subshrub; stem red; leaves abaxially white, adaxially green; involucral bracts green, margin brown; florets pale yellow; anthers pale yellow; stigma pale yellow.
D. E. Boufford, K. Fujikawa, S. L. Kelley, R. H. Ree, B. Xu, D. C. Zhang, J. W. Zhang, T. C. Zhang, W. D. Zhu
39198 7 August 2007

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