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Goodyera repens (Linnaeus) R. Brown
Determined by: P. Ormerod, 29 Aug 2010
Sichuan: Maerkang (Barkam) Xian. N of the city of Maerkang on road to Dazang Xiang (and Dazang Si) at Xinggu Yakou (Xinggu Pass). Rocky slopes and gravelly areas on N side of pass; mostly alpine herbs with scattered colonies of evergreen Rhododendron (less than 1 m tall). 32°2'45"N, 102°18'59"E; 4260-4400 m.
Around rocks and under shrubs of Rhododendron. Tepals greenish white, apex white, labellum green "This is a self pollinating form (flowers have no rostellum); also petals are ovate-elliptic" - P. Omerod, 29 Aug 2010. Two flowers in spirit collection at AMES.
David E. Boufford, Kazumi FUJIKAWA, Susan L. Kelley, Richard H. Ree, Bo XU, Dacai ZHANG, Jian-Wen ZHANG, Ti-Cao ZHANG & Wei-Dong ZHU
39833 16 August 2007

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