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Peziza riyingensis ? Zheng Wang
Sichuan: Xiangcheng Xian. Between Xiangcheng and Sandui near the village of Riyin, S of Wuming Shan. West facing slopes and seepages in mixed coniferous forest (Picea, Abies, Pinus). 29°8'28"N, 99°55'42"E; 3550-4000 m.
On rotten wood. Cupulate to discoid, stipitate (very short), hymenium yellowish brown, slightly translucent, fleshy, 5-12 mm in diam., ectal excipulum of textura intricate, medullary excipulum of textura angular, ascospores ellipsoid, finely but distinctly regularly pustulate, eguttulate, ca. 13-15 x 7 um. Maybe a new species close to Peziza moravecii (Svrcek) Donadini.
Zheng WANG & Zhuliang YANG (Z. L. Yang)
WZ0040 8 July 1998
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