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Ajuga ovalifolia Bureau & Franchet var. calantha (Diels ex Limpricht) C. Y. Wu & C. Chen
Xizang (Tibet): Chaya (Dayak) Xian. Ridge between Mai Qu (Mai River) and Lancang Jiang (upper Mekong River) E of the city of Chaya (Dayak). Heavily grazed Kobresia meadow with scattered dwarf (< 0.5 m tall) Rhododendron nivale subsp. boreale, Caragana, Potentilla and Artemisia, with bare patches of reddish brown gravelly clay soil. 30°36'43"N, 97°36'25"E; 4400-4500 m.
At base of shrubs of Caragana. Corolla dark purple, base of tube whitish.
D. E. Boufford, B. Bartholomew, D. A. Eaton, X. H. Li, R. H. Ree, B. Xu, J. P. Yue, J. W. Zhang & X. X. Zhu
41250 27 July 2009

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