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Myricaria paniculata P. Y. Zhang & Y. J. Zhang
Xizang (Tibet): Gongjue (Gongjo) Xian. Just N of the city of Gongjue on highway S501 (road to highway 314, and to Toba and Jiangda (Gyamda)). Disturbed gravel borrow pit adjacent to highway. 30°52'46"N, 98°15'42"E; 3620 m.
Disturbed gravel area adjacent to road. Shrub ca. 1.2 m tall; flower pink.
D. E. Boufford, B. Bartholomew, D. A. Eaton, X. H. Li, R. H. Ree, B. Xu, J. P. Yue, J. W. Zhang & X. X. Zhu
41694 2 August 2009
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