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Neotorularia humilis (C. A. Meyer) Hedge & J. LĂ©onard
Qinghai: Chindu Xian. East of Oba village. Seepages and small streams along the Tongtian (upper Jinsha Jiang) River. Vegetation mostly scattered shrubs of Elsholtzia fruticosa, Juniperus (Sabina), Caragana and Cotoneaster. 32°55'20"N, 97°17'30"E; 3360 m.
Moist, sandy soil. Petals white Originally identified as Torularia humilis (C. A. Meyer) O. E. Schulz.
David E. Boufford, Xue-Feng LU & Tsun-Sheng YING
27019 4 July 1995

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