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Polystichum wilsonii Christ
Determined by: D. S. Barrington, 2007
Sichuan: Luhuo Xian. North of the city of Luhuo on road to Sêrtar. Mixed shrub thicket along with Lonicera, Syringa, Philadelphus, and occasional small trees of Sorbus and Betula. 31°32'4"N, 100°42'8"E; 3100 m.
In moss and deep dark soil on steep rock ledge. Fronds tufted from erect rhizomes. Determined as Polystichum sinense, but S. K. Wu, 1998.
D. E. Boufford, M. J. Donoghue & R. H. Ree
27808 3 September 1997

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