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Cassiope abbreviata Handel-Mazzetti
Determined by: E. L. Gillespie, 2010
Sichuan: Maerkang (Barkam) Xian: Zhuoke Ji. Pass between Maerkang (Barkam) Xian and Xiaojin Xian on Mengbi Shan. Grassy meadow on south side of ridge; Rhododendron thickets giving way to Abies forest with decreasing elevation on north side of ridge. 31°42'22"N, 102°18'50"E; 3950-4150 m.
Growing under evergreen Rhododendron; 4100 m. Colonial plants forming dense mats. Originally identified as Cassiope selaginoides J. D. Hooker & Thomson.
David E. Boufford, Michael J. Donoghue & Richard H. Ree
27889 6 September 1997

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