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Hemipholiota populnea (Persoon) Bon
Xizang (Tibet): Riwoqe Xian. Road from Changdu (Chamdo) to Nangqen, Qinghai, along Lancang Jiang (Ge Qu, or Ge River), then W along tributary of Lancang Jiang on road to Riwoqe via Machala coal mine. Meadow beside stream and slope, both with scattered shrubs; Berberis and Salix dominant, with Rosa and scattered Picea and Juniperus. 31°27'36"N, 96°43'29"E; 3735 m.
Cap 8 cm in diam., convex, cream to yellowish but brownish at disc, covered with yellowish to brownish, somewhat reflexed squamules; lamellae sinuate, brownish-greenish to sulphur-brownish; stipe 7 X 1.5-2 cm, dirty white, covered with brownish squamules, apex nearly smooth, base slightly enlarged; context of pileus white to cream, context of stipe woody-brown to brownish unchanging.
Zhu-Liang YANG
5324 24 July 2009

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