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Xizang (Tibet): Gongjue (Gongjo) Xian. Doba Cun (Zeba in Tibetan) ca. 13.9 km in a straight line NE of the city of Gongjue. Along the Re Qu (Re River), a tributary of the Jinsha Jiang. Slopes with Betula, Lonicera, Salix along river and with scattered remnant Picea higher up on slope, and moist areas along a small stream leading into Re Qu. 30°58'37"N, 98°19'49"E; 3510-3550 m.
In mixed forest of Picea & Betula, near Betula. Pileus plane, yellowish, yellowish brown to pale black brown, 7 cm in diam., surface slightly glandular dotted; pores pinkish white, depressed in center, round, about 20 pores/ cm; stipe clavate, white, with black scales on surface, 10 cm long, 1-1.6 cm in diam; context white.
537 31 July 2009

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